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Homoparental families, an Italian book talking about their reality

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the launch of “Due Papà Due Mamme” (Two Fathers Two Mothers), an Italian book about the reality of homoparental families. It was really an interesting chat with the author, Alessandro Taurino, psicologist, researcher and gender orientation and identity expert. He, obviously, had an extended knowledge of the real facts behind parenting in all its forms and he was kind enough to answer to all the questions from the audience.
What has really caught my attention is his obvious intent in pointing up that homoparental families already exist, they have been around for a really long time so there is nothing new to discuss, but a lot of wrong facts to explain and remove from common knowledge. Above all in Italy, just discussing the existence of these families can raise many voices, in fact, some parties are using predjudices as their political flags, fighting teeth and nails against the legal recognition of this big portion of our population. That very evening, some local political groups have even expressed their opposition at the mere launch of this book in my town on their official social networks, not even having the guts to attend it them selves to discuss the matter the right way, face to face. Considering my experience, I am sure they would have left the event with a full new knowledge about families, all of them.
This book presents itself like something everyone can read, from the simple language to the attention to every detail in explaining even clinical researches about families. In fact, many studies have been made about the effect that having homosexual parents can have on a child and, what a surprise!, they all lead to the same exact conclusion: statistic records are the same for heterosexual families and homosexual families. What does it mean? It means that homosexual parents have the same probability heterosexual parents have to screw up, like they have same probability to be great parents. And it has been said for the last 30 years or so, it is no recent news!
Personally, I have gone home after the event with a renewed and strenghtened intent in advocating the rights of the LGBT community and homoparental families, because I have found myself in an environment of knowledge and open mindness that has left me kind of proud to be there. Mostly, and finally, not alone in fighting for those which I believe are fundamental rights.
What I do believe, and I have seen confirmed that evening, is that we can't excuse predjudice like it were an illness people can't help having, ignorance (and homophobia) is a choice in the Social Networks and Internet era. We have all the knowledge at the touch of our fingers so the choice to stay ignorant on the matters of equality is purely ours.

Lusiana @uglylusiana


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