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Don't dismiss an entire group of people that are suffering.

I hate when people use the word depressed as an adjective for their mood, because it totally dismisses an entire group of people that are suffering. You don't get depressed by not getting attention from your favorite celebrity, you don't get depressed from not having your morning coffee or sitting through a meeting at work. Depressed, or depression, is a diagnose, a mental illness, and is not to be used wrongly.

By using it wrongly, you make my diagnose seem like it is not to be taken seriously. It took me years to get my diagnose and for me to feel confident enough to speak up about it. I have always been ashamed to feel what I feel. There are days I don't even want to leave my bed, days I have to pretend to be great and all smiles but behind that facade I am miserable. By using depressed wrongly, you make it seem as my daily struggle is just something I can "get over".

Along with my diagnose there came a relief, but it is still hard. I still struggle. Every day is a fight against what I suffer from, and it is a fight that has been invisible for so many years. And I have finally learned how to be open about it, but every time someone uses depressed wrongly, it makes my struggle seem a little less important than what it is. That I could just decide to not be depressed (and I have gotten this advice once, yes, trust me it doesn't help), that I could decide to wake up happy one day and not feel what I feel. Anyone who struggles with a mental illness knows this is not the case.

I know there are a lot of people like me out there, who suffer from a mental illness, whether it is depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline or all of above, we don't want to feel like we don't matter. We want to be heard, respected and included. So please don't use our diagnoses to describe your mood, or your temporarily feeling when your favorite actress doesn't notice you, or when your Starbucks order gets messed up; there are so many other words to describe your mood that do not dismiss people.



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