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A Southern Italy little town gives honorary citizenship to migrants' children

Lusiana (@UglyLusiana)
"Here in Calimera, I don't feel foreign"
Children accepting the honorary citizenship
CALIMERA (LE), ITALY - November 20th is World Children's Rights Day and, in a small town in the really South of Italy, the Mayor and the town administration have decided to celebrate this important day holding a special town council to give 22 children the town honorary citizenship.
These children, as stated by Italian laws, are not Italian because they were not born on Italian land; which means that, when they will be 18, they will be asked to leave the country, even if they have lived in Italy most of their lives, attending Italian schools and learning Italian culture and language.
The new Mayor, Francesca De Vito, and her council have thought it would have been highly educational to bring this issue to the "Children Council" (yes, Calimera has a council composed by elected children with a child Mayor!), letting them know that their friends, with whom they go to school, gym and hang out, are not Italian and what the Italian law says about it. The two councils have then decided together to give the honor of citizenship to those 22 children, contacting the families and organizing today's town council.
In a difficult moment for Italy, when some racist political parties are spreading hate about migrants and refugees, trying to convince the population of their nationalistic ideas, and opposing the new law, "Ius Soli", which would permit migrants' children who have been raised in Italy to be Italian citizens, this gesture is a light in the dark and many hope to see more towns do the same.

For news and picture, check the council official Twitter page (In Italian).


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