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Laura (@fireworkdreams_)

I have never really known what self love is. I've always been the kind of person that is there for the people she loves and forgets to take care of herself.

I am always there for my friends whenever they need me and if I have something going on I will just forget about it and help others, this was something that I've never realized I was doing until recently. I give too much to the people I love and never ask for nothing in return, but 2 years ago that exploded in my face.

My boyfriend basically got rid of me, my life revolved around being with him and today I know it was an abusive relationship. He was everything I had and cared about. This breakup hit me really hard, I went from having someone that got me out of the house and who I tought loved me to just being alone and hating myself, I basically lost myself in the process of loving him. My friends were away for college and even when I told them what had happened they didn't really ask how I was dealing with it, they just laughed it off.
Everything that I could think of was that what happened was all my fault, I was the reason why he left me and I was a waste of time and space. This turned me into a self-destructive person, I wasn't taking care about myself and hated being alive.

My recovery has not been easy, I have to take it day by day and some might be good and some might be bad. NowIi appreciate all I have, I know that I can overcome everything that comes my way if I put my mind to it, as of today I'm not fully recovered but I'm still working on it. This has taught me that if I want someone to really love me I have to love myself first, I should always come first and then everyone else; right know I'm fully invested in my career in the film/TV industry, finishing my 3rd year of college and developing my own proyects.

Seeing how far I've come after such hard times I have learned from my mistakes and I try to practice self love everyday. My experiences have made me stronger and aware of my weaknesses. As of today I'm starting to accept my body and loving my curves, I've gotten really fit and I love how I look, I know who I am and who I want to be, I know I don't need anyone because I'm enough, I can do anything that II put my mind into, I love taking time for myself and spend that time doing things I love and that make me feel good and after all I am loving the person I'm becoming.

Investing time in yourself is never a bad decision, making things that make you feel great are the best things to do. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, you have the power to change it and get to where you want to be, never settle for what you have on hand and always aim for something better. It's all about knowing who and what you are and falling in love with yourself, learn to be happy, your life isn't about anybody but yourself.

These are two quotes that have helped me so much:

"We are bound by our choices but we are more than our mistakes"
- Kate Beckett

"You are where you need to be, just take a deep breath"
- Lana Parrilla


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