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Fandom life: the fun and the hard work.

I am a grown woman, even if someone could easily object with this, and I have some big priorities keeping me busy most of my time but there is something you can take from me, no matter hectic my life is, I crave some quality fandom madness time!

My idea of fandom life is probably a lot different from the most common one, because, as a founder of Feather of Hope, I have been working to combine the fun with some serious advocacy talk for a while now and it has obviously changed my view and experience. But, yeah, if you ask me to describe myself, I will probably blurt out that I am an Evil Regal even before saying my name. Hi, I am Lusiana, I am an Evil Regal.

The team has picked this theme for October for two important reasons: first of all, it was suggested by our followers in more than one occasion, second, there are many points of discussion related to it that can be easily linked to our work with Feather of Hope. So be ready to discuss the silliness of fandoms but even more serious issues, like fandom bullying.

My experience with the Evil Regal and Oncer fandom is teaching me so much, as founder of this site I can really tell you that there are some very strong and amazing people out there and their stories are lights in the darkness. Yes, there is madness, things that should change and I wouldn't want to see happening again but there are beautiful moments full of hope and feathers that really make me proud of being an Evil Regal. What makes me prouder is having the possibility to have a role model who inspires me in everything I think is good and right.

This is my idea of a fandom, a group of friends around the world, learning and teaching amazing things, having fun and sharing awareness when possible, all having a great inspiration in common.

As always, you know, we are eager to know your point of view so, please, join our discussion and tell us all about your fandom experience, whichever fandom you're talking about, we are here to hear about it and share!



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