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Bullying in school affecting pupils' future prospects

What would you say if I told you that being bullied could affect the chances at being successful of any young people?

A survey, commissioned by Oxford Open Learning Trust, and undertaken by YouGov, suggests that bullying in school can have long term effects, affecting the victims even in their 50s. In fact, people who have been bullied in school, surrounded by an uncomfortable environment, are most likely to leave school as soon as possible, not getting the qualifications for the jobs they are most suited for.

About this survey results, Professor Louise Arseneault, from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, says 

"We were not surprised by the education outcomes of our report, because if you are bullied at school you will be less motivated to learn there. What was surprising though was that the effects were lasting up until midlife. 
What we are trying to figure out is what happens in between, many people who were bullied as children will go and be successful, but for those who struggle, why is this? And what can be done to help?

 The most defeating findings are though that unfortunately more than half of victims of bullying have never sought any form of help, being it counseling, teachers' intervention or family support. This can only mean that the bullying phenomenon is still highly under-reported.
So, what should be done at this point? 


Educators need to make it easier within the school environment for children to report bullying and address it and confront it when its reported. Says Greg Smith, head of operations at Oxford Open Learning Trust. 

Research have found that working on the pupils' socialskills can greatly help fighting the development of bullying situations, focusing the teaching program not on bullying itself but on the social and cultural aspects that can instigate bullies, like the understanding of ethnicities, differences in culture and even sexual orientation. 
Source:  Bullying at school 'damages future career prospects' written by Josie Gurney-Read, Online Education Editor for telegraph.co.uk

Did you expect bullying to be so damaging in the long term? What do you think on the ways to preventing? Are we doing enough?

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