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Join Lana for the 29th AIDS Walk New York!

Last May 8th, our lovely Mama Regal has spent 1 hour and half of her time catching up with her Evil Regals during a late celebratory #AskLana for her first 250k followers on Twitter. We have gained so much more info about her, new music to listen to and sassy remarks to chuckle about! 

Lana's tweet about the event during #AskLana (source @LanaParrilla)

In the sea of tweets and replies, once stands up particularly, in fact, Lana has invited her NY Evil Regals to join her for a special event: the AIDS walk which will be held this Sunday, May 18th, in NYC! 

AIDS Walk New York is the east coast’s first and the world’s largest AIDS fundraising event, it raises funds for GMHC and more than 40 other AIDS service organizations in the tri-state area.

Last year, 30,000 walkers and 2,500 volunteers raised more than $5 million for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and advocacy programs. The event has raised more than $133 million to fight AIDS in the tri-state area during its history, and the AIDS Walk movement has raised more than a half-billion dollars nationwide.

The 29th AIDS Walk New York will take place Sunday May 18th, its route beginning and ending in Central Park  for a total of 10k walk. The event organization friendly invites you to form a group of family, co-workers or friends to join it, making the walk more joyous and pleasant! 

Every member of the Feather Of Team, daily proud to be inspired by Lana in doing good and taking action, would be so happy to join it if it was physically possible for us, unfortunately we are geographically unable to do so but we extend Lana's invite to all Evil Regals who follow us!

You can find all the useful information to join as a walker, or even volunteer, and everything about the organizations benefited on the event official site FAQ

You can follow AIDS Walk New York on your favorite Social Networks:
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