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Stop Bullying in Singapore: the video that shortens every time it's shared

A sad boy, his restless sleep and his nightmarish life as a bullied child who feels alone and self-conscious.

Hurtful words, typically repeated by bullies of all ages and nationalities,  fill the screen during this short cartoon which has been designed to shrink itself of a millisecond every time it is shared on facebook from the campaign site.

The video, whose original size was 2 minutes, will hopefully shorten till becoming a screen capture to share. The meaning of this initiative, created by the Singapore's Council Against Bullying for Children and Youth, is all summarized in the campaign motto "Share it to end it", following the idea that talking and discussing bullying will finally wipe it out.

Feather Of Hope firmly believes in the importance of talking about bullying, educating people and helping who feels alone in their battles, so we ask you all to share it to end it!


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