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March 31st 2014: Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!

March 31th celebrates Transgender people and it is dedicated to raising awareness about discrimination transgender people face everyday around the world.
Transgender Day of Visibility is described as an "annual holiday", since it has been ideated by transgender activist Rachel Crandall to aknowledge and celebrate living members of the transgender community, considering the only celebration dedicated them is "Transgender Day of Remembrance" which mourns the loss of transgender people to hate crimes.

While Transgender day of Remembrance, while deeply respected and loved as a celebration, only focus on a negative side of being trans, which is, unfortunately, the lives lost to violence, March 31th is supposed to highlight the joys and positivity of being a member of this community.

The celebration has started as a small act, born on facebook in a sleepless night in 2009, first based on Crandall's home State Michigan but it has taken a more global scale with time. In our opinion it has started thanks to what we think should be the right input in everyone's life, which is not waiting for someone else to take charge and initiate something, in fact, Rachel Crandall herself said about that night when it all started:

"So one night I couldn't sleep and I decided why don't I try to do something about that.
I thought, 'why doesn't someone do it?' Then I thought, 'why isn't that someone me?'"

from Transgender Day of Visibility plans erupt locally, nationwide (26/3/2009)

We suggest you all look for info about this celebration, educate yourself about this community and start raising awareness against hate crimes and discrimination.

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!


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