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"I'm still the same up here" by Marian Silvia Heida

An Evil Regal, Marian, has shared this beautiful poem which goes deep in her feelings after something has started changing in her life.
Sometimes we feel like people start treating us differently in situations in which we would only want to keep living the life we have always had, keeping our daily normalcy. In those moments, we feel like Marian felt  when she started writing this poem.

I'm still the same up here(*)
Did you forget?
Don't you remember?
Nothing changed.
They only gave it a name...two letters
I have carried them all my life.
Why do those two letters seem so important to you?
An abbreviation for my name, for a disease.
It shouldn't be the reason For you to forget
For you not to remember
who I am
'cause I am still the same up here.

Marian Silvia Heida


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